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North Shore News

DFO seizes West Vancouver prawn traps - MARCH 10, 2017

Prehistoric glass sponge reefs preserved - APRIL 15, 2016

Vancouver Sun

April 9, 2013 - Photos: West Van island waterfront lots for under $270,000 »

VanMag - Returning Home to Passage Island

August 13, 2012 - On Passage Island, a remote community just off West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park, two city refugees finally find home - and each other- »

Marine society blasts lack of enforcement, launches campaign to protect Howe Sound marine life

April 1, 2013 - HOWE SOUND — Scuba divers Hamish Tweed and Chris Straub go to great lengths — 68.5 metres to be exact — to protect marine life. »

Canada's Passage Island: A Shell Structure Retreat

By Phil Matty - September/October 1988 - Canada's Passage Island retreat: Building Canada's first shell structure on a tiny island off Vancouver, British Columbia, including pictures, floor plan and walking through the construction process.»

Passage Island Bibliography

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Passage Island Newsletters

  • PASSAGE ISLAND, HOWE SOUND, by Major Matthews, 1940's?
  • PASSAGE ISLAND FREE FACTS, April, 1968 (by Phil Matty)
  • "COUNTRY LIFE", by Phil Matty. Two Editions.
  • DEAR ISLANDERS.. (Newsletter by Phil Matty) Sep 91, Oct 92, Jan 93, Apr 93, Apr 94, Oct 94, Jan 95, Apr 95, Jun 95, Oct 95, Jan 96, Apr 96, Jul 96, Feb 97
  • WATER TAXI, by Bill Griffin, Spring 1993
  • THE PASSAGE PRESS (Newsletter by PIHA) Apr 92, 92, Aug 93, Apr 94, Spring 95, Sep 95, Spring 96, Spring 97
  • Articles about Passage Island

  • Mrs Keith, Vancouver Province, Nov 18, 1937, p.18
  • Mrs. A.J. Keith, Pioneer, Dead, Vancouver Sun, Nov 19, 1937, p.14.
  • Mrs. A. J. Keith Died Thursday: Was Widow of Pioneer of Vancouver, VancouverNews-Herald Nov 19, 1937, p.2
  • Mrs. Anne Keith Taken by Death: Was Daughter of Hudson's Bay Factor-Born in Old Fort Victoria, The Colonist, Nov 20, 1937, p.2
  • Roma Carter, "No Mystery About Passage Island: Hermit Who Lives on Little Howe Sound Isle Is No Recluse, but Just Kindly Man Who Fled the Depression", Vancouver Province Magazine, May 4, 1940, p.2.
  • Laura Gray, "Passage Island Hermit", Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star, October 2, 1940, p.34.
  • "Fire Destroys Hermit's Home", Vancouver News-Herald, Nov 8, 1943
  • "Hermit Burned Out On Passage Island", Vancouver Sun, Nov 8, 1943.
  • "Hermit's Home Burns on Island For Second Time in Four Days", Vancouver Province, Feb 25, 1944.
  • "Island Hermit Burned Out Third Time", Vancouver Sun, Feb 25, 1944, p. 15.
  • "Hermit Happy and Hungry", Vancouver Sun, Feb 28, 1944, p.11.
  • "Relief Officials Get Cold Reception From Aged Reculse",Vancouver Province, Mar 2, 1944, p.6.
  • "Hermit Moves In on Friend", ?, Mar 6, 1944. (Not Van Sun,Province,News-Herald,Colonist)
  • "Hermit Gets Bed in Jail", Vancouver Sun, Mar 6, 1944, p.2.
  • Hermit Day invitation, Aug 2,1997
  • Miss Keith, Vancouver Province, Nov 22, 1958, p.13.
  • "Park Plan For Island In Sound: Passage Is. Under Study By Westwood", Vancouver Sun, Jun 24, 1959, p. 29.
  • "Public Park Suggested for Island", Vancouver Province, June 26, 1959, p.2
  • "Saving 'Passage' Worth All Speed", Vancouver Sun, Jun 26, 1959, p.4.
  • "Mystery Man Buys Marine Park Site", Vancouver Province, July 20, 1959, p.16.
  • "Marine Park Out, 'Too Hazardous'", The Colonist, July 21, 1959, p.5.
  • "Island in Howe Sound Subdivided for homes", Vancouver Province, May 6, 1965, p.12.
  • "Phil Matty's Rock: Where The Gulls Are", Weekend Magazine, No. 3, Jan. 15, 1966, Vancouver Sunday Sun, pp. 38-39.
  • "Water bomber shows its stuff", Vancouver Province, Aug 24, 1967.
  • "Concrete and Curvy", Western Homes & LIving/Vancouver LIfe, July 1969, pp. 42-43. (Article about Sinclare House)
  • "Island Home", Western Living Magazine, August 1976, pp. 28-31, and cover (Article about Helssen House)
  • Joy Bradbury, "The Private Park of Passge Island", Western Living, October 1981, pp. 150-154.
  • Phil Hanson, "Fast Donzi's A Forerunner Of Lifeboat Fleet", Vancouver Sun, April 20, 1982, p. B9.
  • Joanne Blain, "Tranquility on the Rocks", Vancouver Sun, June 23, 1984, D1.
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  • Stewart Bell, "The Liquid Highway", Vancouver Sun, Nov 14, 1992, Front Page of B.C. Extra Section, (article about island school children)
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  • Robert Bringhurst, "Fast Drumming Ground", Howe Sound Review, Winter 1992, pp. 16-21. Reprinted (without illustrations) in Howe Sounds, Richard Littlemore, Ed. Bowen Island Arts Council, 1994, p3-11.
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  • Phil Matty, "In Favour Of Manned Lighthouses", B.C. Waterfront & Island Property Guide, No. 8, Oct 1994, pp. 43-44.
  • Phil Matty, "Action Of Lighthouse Keeper Saved Pair", Vancouver Sun, January 12, 1995, C1.
  • Bill Kimmett, "ESCAPE TO PASSAGE", Cottage Magazine, Nov-Dec 1995, Vol 4, No 5, pp. 22-25.   
  • Narvaez's Chart (Spanish), 1791
  • Galiano's Chart (Spanish), 1792
  • Captain Vancouver's Chart (British), 1792.
  • August 1891, showing a party of J.C. Keith, E.E. Rand, J.D. Townley, B.T. Rogers and Miss Rose Townley (Mrs Grange V. Holt) as a boating party in one of the little bays. The same bay in which Mr Thompson Lives. C.V.N.Out.36,P.Out 129
  • 1940, Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal Oct 2nd 1940 prints an illustration of John Thompson, captioned "A hobo all my life".
  • Aerial Photo of Passage Island by Leonard Frank, pre-1948.
  • Pages in Books

  • BRITISH COLUMBIA COAST NAMES, by John T. Walbran, Douglas & McIntyre, 1615 Venables Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5L2H1, 1971, (P.I. mentioned on Page 375)
  • BOWEN ISLAND 1872-1972, by Irene Howard, Bowen Island Historians, 1973. (P.I. mentioned on Page18, and stories about J.C. Keith on pages 74 and 170)
  • EXPLORING THE COAST BY BOAT - Volume I, by Frieda Van der Ree, Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd., 1352-B Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T1B5, 1979 (P.I. mentioned on Page 128 and Map on Page 138)
  • ISLAND HERITAGE BUILDINGS, by Thomas K. Ovanin, Islands Trust, 1984. (no mention of Passage but P 157 shows the Hood Point Hotel on Bowen owned by J.C. Keith, the first Passage owner)
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA PLACE NAMES, by GPF and Helen B. Akrigg, Sono Nis Press, 1745 Blanshard Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W2J8. 1988, (P.I. mentioned on Page 229)
  • VANCOUVER AND ITS REGION, edited by Graeme Wynn and Timothy Oke, UBC Press, 1992, (P.I. mentioned in photograph on Page 2)
  • CRUISING GUIDE TO BRITISH COLUMBIA, VOL 3-SUNSHINE COAST, by Bill Wolferstan, Whitecap Books, Vancouver, 1992, (p. 103 has brief history of P.I.)
  • THE VANCOUVER AREA DIVING GUIDE, by Carl Trepanier, Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd., 1352-B Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1B5, 1994, (pp. 74-79 has excellent P.I. diving information with maps and pictures)
  • 101 DIVES, by Betty Pratt-Johnson, Heritage House Publishing Co, Unit #8, 17921-55 Ave Surrey BC V3S 6C4, 1995, (pp. 94-95 has P.I. dive info)
  • B.C. Fishing, Saltwater 1995 Directory and Atlas. (Mark White, Lot 20, on Cover)
  • Emergency

    Coast Guard -*16 on Cellular Phone
    Forest Fire – 911 or *5555 on Cellular Phone
    Ambulance – 911

    The address for pick up is:
    Thunderbird Marina
    5776 Marine Drive West Vancouver
    Day phone: 604-921-7457
    Night phone: 604-833-6799 (Watchman's Cell)

    Metro Vanc. 24/7 Fire/Safety: 604-451-6610

    Barge for Hire
    Adam Slade (604) 940-8585 Home (604) 868-2610 Cell
    Kim Matty (604) 728-7712
    Mercury Launch & Tug-Rob (604) 921-7451

    Marine Contracting/Moorings
    Dolphin Marine Services-Tom Stenner 1-604-740-1937 OR 1-604-886-7268
    Poseidon Dive-Erik Helssen - (604) 970-DIVE

    Water Taxi - Fisherman's Cove
    Taxi to Island See Lots 56 Kim or Lot 54 Kevin
    Harbour Yachts (604) 921-7428 boat brokerage
    Vancouver Outboard (604) 921-9527 boat service
    C-Tow Marine Assistance-24hrs 1-888-419-2869
    (Emergency Towing)
    Mercury Launch & Tug (604) 921-7451 Tug & Barge
    Sewell's Marina (604) 921-3474
    Thunderbird Marina (604) 921-7434

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