On the Water

The Seagull Motor Race on Passage started around 2002. Every summer, Passage Islanders take to the water to participate in what can be described as the Seagull Motor regatta. The boats range in construction. Most are retrofitted canoes, kayaks and dinghies. This event is a lot of fun and is the biggest social event in the Passage Island social calendar.

Seagull motors were made in England from 1955 to 1980 and in their heyday, production was over 80,000 a year. Their slogan… “The Best Motor for the World”. The race is 4 times around the island and has but 2 rules:  Propulsion must be by a Seagull motor and you must wear a life jacket. The race is open to all islanders, friends, and family as competitors or spectators. The race is followed by an awards ceremony to honor the winners, a pot luck BBQ and a dance party.

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